Welcome to my blog, such as it is. Here I intend to share my experiences in gardening, gaming and general exploration. I like to consider myself of that rare type that enjoys both the indoors (specifically computers and games) and the outdoors (gardening, going to see the sights and etc.).
If I haven't managed to get your attention yet, perhaps my wonderful pet, Gato, will help.

Anyways, the first few posts will come soon and will hopefully set the trend of this blog as we begin discussing our garden projects and bamboo, a plant I have recently become somewhat obsessed with. Other topics will hopefully be addressed as they become relevant to the day to day that is farm life here in southern Missouri.

Glistening Bamboo

I have noticed that my Vivax Huangwenzhu Inversa often sparkles in the morning sunlight far more than the surrounding vegetation. This year as the Vivax has put on some size (up to about 10' now) it really stands out. The view from the window is quite stunning.


In 2015 I discovered that I could grow a plant here that I never would've though I could. I was researching hardy plants and came across bamboo, specifically the phyllostachys types. Living in zone 6b, I never thought I could grow this gorgeous huge plant.  So after a few months research I headed off to Bear Creek Nursery in Eureka Springs Arkansas just about a 3 hour drive West-Southwest of me. There I saw several types, but they had only one of the types I had written down available for sale at that time as it was already nearing midsummer. But the one they had was sure a nice one (Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis) and I bought it.


Finally, I will conclude this post with some later discoveries about both plants. It turns out I was really blessed with the Vivax Aureocaulis. Vivax is sometimes known to send out culms of other varients of vivax and every shoot of my plant has come up as Vivax Huengwenzhu Inversa(sp?) instead of the Aureocaulis type. Both are beautiful but…

The Garden

A good place to start this blog, I think would be the garden project. Every year for the last several years we have kept a garden here, and every year the garden gets overrun by grass and becomes just a large field of grass and weeds with a few struggling garden plants in it. Every year that is until this year.

This year I opted for the 'nuclear option' when it comes to weed control. The plan being based on 4'x6' rubber stall mats, weed barrier cloth, and mulch. The rubber mats were quite costly, being about $30 each on a good day, but having used them for a number of other projects here and knowing they can be reused year after year, I took the plunge.

This has worked wonders. I have pulled a blade of grass here and there, but it is much more manageable than previous years gardens. The squash, zucchini, and cucumber plants have been extremely productive, so much so that we've been giving a lot away. The tomatoes are just now beginning to produce, and the onions, p…